Debby ryan dating niall horan when to start dating after divorce with kids

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), the whole world can't help but wonder what it would be like if they started dating, like, for real.Ryan Seacrest certainly couldn't help ask during Niall's radio interview this morning.Selena Gomez made the ultimate comeback at this year's American Music Awards.She won "Best Female Artist" and her acceptance speech moved the entire audience — including both Lady Gaga and rumored ex Niall Horan.That's right, we're throwing that statement out there and we're standing by it, and we have the proof to back it up.Let us explain: Cole and Debby met and became the best of buds when they co-starred on Well, Cole and Debby worked together from 2008 until 2011 but after three seasons, the series came to end.Unsurprisingly, that one was Niall "Let's Get The Band Back Together" Horan.Despite achieving ~major~ success with his single "Slow Hands", the Irish singer has revealed that he never actually wanted to go solo.

It's clearly nothing but love between them though, since Cole recently attended Debby's 24th birthday bash, and that allowed for another So we have Debby and Cole's friendship for that adorable reunion.

Then Ryan immediately interjected and said, "You should rekindle with Selena.

I like her."Though Niall didn't directly answer whether or not that was in the cards, at least he revealed he's single?

Only a real friend can roast you in such a public way about your accessory choice.

And it's not the first and most likely not the last time Debby has poked some fun at her boy.

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