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Intelekt kollapse online dating

Moo N have started to record a new CD - "Lucifer's Horns"! Publisher - Witching Hour Production - announced a digipak version as well as special offer incl. At the end of March 2010, Witching Hour will re-release Moo N previous albums as a double digipak entitled "Devil's Return" with a new layout. Moo N actual line-up: Cezar - guitar, vocals, Gonthy - guitar, Mcisaw - bass, vocal, Vizun - drums.They're manufacturing: leather pants, leather vest, leather wristlets, leather belts, key chains, leather guitar straps, guitar bags, leather caps, corsets and many more. 80 A5 pages (Polish written) with oldschool vibe to it! Contact: [email protected] OF PENANCE - "Paradogma" out March 30th 2010!

Order it here: new issue of Burning Abyss 'zine is finally available! A conceptual record about ancient left handed tantrism (Vama Marg) and Qliphoth. It contains Pictavian Black Metal influenced by VENOM, ABIGAIL, SABBAT, KILLERS, ATOMIZER, IMPALED NAZARENE, JAN DO FIAO, BATHORY, NME, BULLDOZER 4 own songs and 1 cover song (VENOM "Acid Queen"). To get it or distribute it, please contact INCOFFIN Productions: [email protected], NOCTURNAL GRAVES/HELLSPIRIT "THE GRAVESPIRIT SESSIONS" split LP on both black and blue vinyl (limited to 200 copies) are available, so take your pick. IN SILENCE", the new SADIST's full-length album, will be out in March 2010 and it will be licensed by Liveglobal/Self. NOMAD is very proud to announce that they've been selected as a supporting act for the Warsaw's date of the mighty BOLT THROWER's tour (May 11th, 2010, Tuesday, venue: Progresja club)! Hard line of the music is mixed with great melodies. Lyrics in Polish and English are to be found in a 16-page booklet. The album will be released by Code666 Records in a special limited edition - handmade woodbox, roped and filled with the very earth of the place it comes from. 1991's "Dethroned Death" demo, 1992's "Fineness Of Brutality" demo as well as one track from the "Dying Gods" promo will be available on CD format for the very first time. Kaliskiego 15a DOOR OPEN: SHOW TIME: More info soon. Old Temple, Po Box 48, 86-307 Grudziadz 9, Poland, website: e-mail: [email protected] Bunget "Vrstele pmntului" - out soon. Contact: [email protected], Records announced a release of Poland's legendary Doom/Death monsters - DDT!(Sweden), Inferno of Behemoth/Azarath/Witchmaster/Deus Mortem/Christ Agony (Poland), Mortem (Peru), a massive 6-page interview with Nominon (Sweden), Weapon (Canada), Reyash of Supreme Lord/Witchmaster/Christ Agony/ex-Vader/ex-Incantation/ex-Union (Poland), Necromaniac fanzine (Germany), Runemagick (Sweden), Blasphemy Rites (Poland), Agnes Vein (Greece) plus Canada’s Voi Vod 4-page special, 300 reviews (!!! This event will be the first of many European festivals Sadist is going to take part during Spring/Summer 2010.) of CDs, demos, vinyls, ‘zines, and Classic Death Metal albums as well as a few live reports, TOP 5 playlists, and Excerpts From The Abyss. Italy's Kolony Records are going to release a second full-length of modern thrashers from CHAIN REACTION.

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Contact: [email protected] [email protected] soon: - HADEZ "The path of the ossuary... Polish written "PSYCHO #4" should be available at the end of January 2010!