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Among those seated at the Friday bad news conference — bad news is announced on Fridays because Saturdays make the least news noise — to announce the University of Louisville’s Boom Boom Room & Hall of Anatomical Studies will remain closed for affirmations were deeply regretful panelists including head basketball coach, Kentucky thoroughbred devotee and horizontal ed instructor Rick Pitino, and a fellow named Chuck Smrt.

Smrt wasn’t there as the winner of the “I’d Like To Buy A Vowel” last name contest, but as Louisville’s hired-in-August NCAA compliance consultant.

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So let’s give Smrt credit for showing up, on Louisville’s time and dime, to join in surrendering the fact that Louisville’s (young) men’s basketball recruits were enticed by free-everything full scholarships, cash in the form of Pell Grants and, if that didn’t clinch it, regular, athletic department-budgeted performances staged by local strippers and lap-dancers.

And so the national scam — the kind that in other businesses results in indictments and slam-dunk convictions for racketeering — rolls along, rolls along.

Smrt’s former position was to plug loopholes for the NCAA; his current one is to find loopholes for NCAA member schools.

His employment on both sides of the fence stands in functional recognition of the worsening shadiness of big-time college sports, an insidious condition that has given rise to a low business subculture: Those studied in the fine art of plumbing the depths to prevent basketball and football programs from breaching the boundaries and reaches of the NCAA’s tolerance have, for the past, oh, 35 years been in great demand by Division I colleges — certainly more than distinguished professors — after apprenticing at the NCAA.

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But he’s just another who demands respect with little in return.